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dirt mcgirt's Journal

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18th January 2006

11:32pm: who does the beats for nas and AZ.
illmatic nas
not fur coat wearing nas

8th January 2006

10:58pm: i never half step cuz im not a half steppa

16th November 2004


well. there aint much to say.

punch in punch out get drunk pass out

autumn passed by too quickly to appreciate.

on saturday morning i woke up on miles couch and went to pee outside. and to my suprise little white balls of chill were floating down. write now, as i right this i jsut realized i missed the oppurtunity for catching the first flake of winter on my tounge.

oh well.

at least the ocean is procrastinating its eventual temperature drop. i still dont need gloves. but my hands do freeze nonetheless.

i stayed home from school today. the waves were beautiful. i took advantage of the day off and got off the couch. im really happy for it too. i find myself watching TV a lot these days.

i never used to flip on the switch but nowadays i eat in the den and ill watch the two simpsons back to back. but then when thats over i jsut keep flipping and before i know it ive been sitting there in my boxers flipping from bullshit to horseshit like a fly in a buffet. it sort of leaves me feeling sick from sitting there stuffing cookies and carbonates into my body.

so i jogged today in the indian trail that goes trough the woods. Keif tromped along with me. i love my dog.

my brother got a baby mini dachsund whom i also love, just not as much.



its really weird to have sex with somebody. and to realize that sex, to this certain somebody has lost all sense of specialness or meaning. the fact that i was the second person she fucked that night... this girl has issues. mad issues. shes liek a fucking magazine. shes a straight up head case. and not only am i now scared that i have some weird shit eating up my balls but it jsut weirded me out so badly. to really understand how im feelign you have to know this girl. definitive coke slut as shes been branded. when she takes her weekly trips to montauk she leaves a piece of her life there to rot liek the inside of her nose. pretty soon there wont be much left.

one day somebodys gunna turn her into a star. a bright shining star. in 9 inch pumps with her mouth stuffed.

i dont want her to be like that. donny & austin. fuck you for ruining her life.

(although she was probably destined for a downfall)



im sorry. that incident just liek. really really bothered me all weekend. sort of ruined my vacation.

no school today means less school this week which means this week is gunna breeze by and before i know it itll be monday again. pretty soon ill be sittin in my room with a roach in hand thinking thoughts that normal healthy people shouldnt think looking back on summer like it was the girl i lost it to, wishing i hadnt cum so quick.

26th October 2003

3:20pm: las tnight was nothign short of wonderful

17th October 2003

8:23pm: theres a dumpster
parked across the street from me

but i dont live here, my stepdads. and theres only one can
and its a red can
and i just realized the dumpsters red

i actually just realized that right now
im so depressed,

well, until next time

15th October 2003

8:48pm: you know what
fuck the yankess
the sox
the fucking cubs and all that shit
fuck basbelall
i hate it
why the fucjk is everyone watching the godamn game
fuck the game!

11th October 2003

8:23am: ok.
i want all yous city kids to drop me yo numerosss, especially you julieee
cuz i just got a cell
and i need numbers damnit
next i want you to listen to devo
and like it.

9th October 2003

7:21pm: when im old ill sit on my porch and talk of the good ol days
then ill beat my kids
lazy bastards.

8th October 2003

10:09pm: so that means
dont read all the other stupid stuff i wroteeeee
10:01pm: how do you delete all your entries?
i couldnt tell you
so just consider
everything below this
caps make it look so serious.

23rd September 2003

10:11pm: ahhh
schools such a fucking headache

18th September 2003

11:04pm: what it all comes down to is that im just a big ol' romeo.
10:06pm: i wrote some stuff tonight
i dont think theyre good
but i like them anyway
at least theyre honest

i wish people were like songs
so you could turn them off

20th August 2003

8:40pm: taking the blame for stupid shit...
its a job for some.

mutha fuck the parents
12:28am: im a tornado of arms
and teeth
and fingernails.

16th August 2003

10:52pm: yea im back like arnold schwaramanayger wont be in 4 years

12th August 2003

6:46pm: oh yeah, i wanna take a bath in strawberry milk
6:23pm: i wanna make a total funked out song
and its gunna go ike this:

i want a girl
whos name is senorita
i want a girl with a bottle in her hand
i want a girl
who doesnt really listen
i want a girl who always understands

add the tricked out bassline and itll be funky fresh like richard simmons in a handbasket on a warm summer day

i come him in T minus 4 days, anything i should be looking forward to?

11th August 2003

7:14pm: you can see how bored i am here
all there is to do is lisdten to music and go online
thus why my 2 of my last ones involved music!
save me!
7:13pm: inhale
my styles kinda phat
remiscant of a whale
7:04pm: yo i hate to say it
but i totally dig that new ludicrous song
6:56pm: ok my situation no wis too complicated to explain:
-dumb bitch who killed herself with alcohol
-her dads a fucking cop for christsake
-mom kicked me out
-went to sisters
-on road trip

the end
6:39pm: put on your red shoes and dance the blues
lets dance!!!
to the song theyre playin on the radio.

come one
step right up to the freakshow.
come all

bored in santa fe
got a video camera
have been making use of it
will be making use of it
in many interesting ways

dirty minds! all of you!
i dare say!

10th August 2003

2:46pm: ahhh, young grasshoppa'
in order to become fly
one must be in touch with their internal 'werd'

9th August 2003

7:07pm: if richard simmons was my dad i would be fucking mega cool.
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